At FutureGov we’ve always wanted to help people consider future careers in the public sector by showing how it’s done. To support our work with government in the UK we’re now looking to find great people to work in important public service roles.

We work in partnership with organisations supporting design and delivery of large transformation and change programmes. And we want to see government succeed in delivering lasting change to the millions of people using public services.

This means that we’re obsessed with creating sustainable models for managing and delivering change with the organisations we work with.

Delivering better services means responding to people’s increasing expectations for modern and reliable services that make the most of new types of technologies. It’s not enough to only think about the design of services, but it’s also vital to design and support changes inside the organisations having to manage and deliver them.

To respond to this challenge we work with our partners to consider everything from business models and objectives to organisational structures, governance, teams and individual job roles. Increasingly, this means supporting the infrastructure that needs to be in place for business transformation and the implementation of new types of services and digital delivery. It also means that we’re working closely with those having to manage the impact of change at every level of each organisation.

What happens after FutureGov. A hiring strategy

If an organisation is becoming increasingly digital and using agile delivery methods this requires new types of skills and job roles.

We already deliver most aspects of projects in partnership. This usually means working in combined teams that support and train people to work in new ways, helping develop new skill sets. This includes skill transfer across agile and user centred design methods. For example, giving people hands on experience and involvement in user research, prioritising a product backlog, or running team retrospectives.

But what comes next? There’s the question of what happens after FutureGov.

The challenge is how we help organisations to build their own capability for the long term transformation of government.

It’s therefore our goal to make sure that every organisation we work with can sustain and deliver the future vision they have for how their organisation will work in the future and the services that they will deliver.

If anything, we’re now working more across entire organisations than ever before. In areas like policy, HR, with finance teams, as well as leaders shaping the future direction and decision making around how services will operate and their future roadmap for digital.

We still expect to work directly alongside design and delivery teams for the immediate future, still supporting important design and digital leadership roles in projects. But we’re now working to establish a new set of design, digital and leadership roles with a focus on local government. It’s encouraging to already see roles such as Head of Service Design being created in places like Essex, and we’re helping to shape how these roles will function and the responsibilities they will hold.

The types of roles we’re helping recruit are increasingly more senior, and these are important roles for influencing future priorities and delivery. There are a number of models that can work for digital transformation so there’s no one size fits all here. We see the challenge as always being about how to design an organisation within government in order to support the behaviours, and a culture that supports the delivery of better services, outcomes for citizens and continuous improvement of these services over time.

Most importantly, this isn’t just about filling ‘digital’ roles or creating digital teams. We’re working hard to establish new team structures fit for digital organisations. We’re also looking at how to best support new types of communities of practice, supporting them in order to help these roles and ways of working succeed.

Join the mission to deliver change for government

There’s never been a better time to work in government.

There’s a genuine opportunity to contribute to the transformation of public services and the impact they have in people’s lives. This is everything from Housing, Adult Social Care, Fostering and Children’s Services, even the future of Transport.

The support we’re giving to our partners is about finding brilliant people who want to work on services that matter. You could be part of these transformation programmes, delivering significant change to people and working in teams with the same motivation to make a difference.

Interested? Jason Kitcat, Executive Director for Corporate Development at Essex County Council has blogged this week about the roles we’re supporting at the moment: Hello world — come work with us!

We plan to advertise more vacancies that we’re supporting for government over the next few months. You can also get in touch with us directly.

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