It’s now two months since I wrote about getting Public Design WY going. The first meet-up is now done. Yay!

My thanks to Leanne Buchan and Lisa Jeffery for stepping up to lead a session each.

Leanne talked with us about designing a city’s culture strategy. You can find out more about that at the strategy’s website.

Lisa’s session was on why she loved jamming, and gave the attendees the chance to do some jam activities. Lisa has made her slides available for everyone. More information about the upcoming Leeds GovJam and jamming in general is on the Leeds GovJam website.

Thanks to everyone who came. If you popped along I’d love to know what was good, not-so-good, and confusing. Leave feedback on the event’s Meetup page or drop me a line.

Lastly, also a big thanks to Futurelabs in Leeds for the awesome space.

There’s a Twitter Moment with the all the tweets I am aware of. See it here. Feel free to add your own into that.

And finally, Public Design WY will return. #2 is going to be on Tuesday 13 June, again at Futurelabs. All the info and saying you want to come will be over on Meetup again.

And #3 is also planned. We’ll be at DHEZ in Bradford, pencilled in for Wednesday 12 July.

There won’t be one in August, but we’ll be back in September with #4, in Leeds.

Hopefully see you at one of those!

Original source – Simon Wilson

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