An idea on how to get the voice of children and young people heard in the snap 2015 general election.

The idea is straight-forward:

Parents: ask your children to do the research, and make a recommendation on who to vote for.

  1. Find out who the candidates are –
  2. Discuss and decide what criteria you want to judge candidates and manifestos on – what are the issues and how important is each one to them?
  3. Ask them to read the manifestoes
  4. Ask them to come up with a list of Qs to put to all of the candidates standing in your area
  5. You email the text of the questions to all of the candidates – telling them that your children will be reading their answers and making a recommendation on who to vote for on the basis of those answers – a recommendation you’ll follow through
  6. Ask your children to read the answers and make a recommendation
  7. Take your children to the polling station on voting day
  8. Vote according to their recommendation

Job done – and your children get to take part in democracy in action.

Original source – A dragon’s best friend

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