The results are in. We carried out a survey on the how comms and PR people are using video and the results show an onward march in it as a channel.

by Dan Slee

More than 90 per cent of communicators are using video and almost half are now using live video.

These are the headline figures from the comms2point0 survey on video use.

As the technology has got better the ability to watch as well as create video has been swift. New doors have been created through the smartphones in our pockets. Once an outside broadcast unit was needed to create the moving image. Today, smartphones are a TV-station in our pockets.

Communicators are only just beginning to wake-up to the potential of video as a comms channel.

More trusted than print, more engaging than a still image video has the power to go for the heart over the head

Video use is almost universal

The rise of video that was predicted has happened. Almost everyone surveyed uses video with 96 per cent of people using the medium to communicate.

video survey 2.JPG


We will be using more video

A figure of 96 per cent is how many people will be using MORE video . The figure chimes with trends across the industry.


Live video is a significant channel

Almost 40 per cent of people surveyed are using live video. This reflects the rise of platforms such as Periscope and Facebook Live.

The use of recorded video at 96 per cent is almost universal.


Length of video: we’re staying around three minutes

There is no such thing as a one-and-done video.

The length of video matters with 21 seconds the optimum length and three minutes working best for YouTube.

–          71 per cent are shooting video at less than three minutes.

–          12 per cent are making video at less than six seconds.

–          12 per cent are posting video that is longer than 15 minutes.


YouTube dominates

Unsurprisingly, YouTube is dominant with 94 per cent of those using it with Facebook close behind on 63 per cent.

Perhaps surprising, is the 27 per cent using the video platform Vimeo.

Instagram is at 20 per cent and the popular with young people Snapchat at six per cent.  


Facebook Live is winning the live battle

Mark Zuckerburg has concentrated Facebook’s resources on developing the live video platform. These are big numbers to bet against and his company are winning the race in the survey with 67 per cent using it. This compares to 62 per cent for Periscope.

Google hangouts accounts for nine per cent and YouTube Live 13 per cent.

The data was collected between October last year and January this year and includes feedback from 159 people online through email and social media channels.


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Dan Slee is co-creator of comms2point0.

Original source – comms2point0 free online resource for creative comms people – comms2point0

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