Saturday Night Takeaway is on and, my God, is that Steps? Before my brain seeps out of my ear, a quick post about something I am involved with planning.

When I came back to work in Leeds at the NHS last summer I really wanted to settle in quickly – and then look how we could get the NHS work I was on more involved with the wider government “transformation” work going on. Also I wanted to get the NHS’s design community talking, both within itself and to the wider world. Getting the NHS design community talking was pretty easy. And we get to update the cross-government designers on how we’re getting ion at every cross-gov design meetings. Thumbs up emoji here.

In and around Leeds there’s also some great public design work going on. Ben Holliday leads a great design team at DWP, and they have a strong presence in Leeds. There’s some good work at Leeds council and Bradford council. (I have written about the work at Bradford council before.) HMRC are doing work out of Shipley. There’s a lotta good stuff coming out of ODI Leeds. There is a lot more. I could go on, easily.

In London the recent Gov Design meets have been kicking off. Their wider takes on design and “gov” is the sort of mix we have in Leeds, and should shine the light on more.

I’ve had a few chats with people the past few weeks, and we’re going to get a “Public Design WY” thing going. We’re going to start small to test the idea and see where we go for the first couple.

Like a lot of the stuff I’ve helped run in the past it’ll be more DIY than professional. It’ll be free to get in, you’ll probably have to pay for or bring your own drinks. But we’ll sort the space and make sure there’s a good programme for you to get stuck into. Content first, yeah? It’ll definitely be after work. It won’t finish too late either. And there are already a couple of talkers in mind.

In a week’s time we’ll have sorted somewhere to have this and who’ll be “leading from the front”. (We’re open to talks as much as workshops, so whatever – just no pitching, please.)

It – a get-together about design in the public sector in West Yorkshire – will be happening around the end of the month/start of April as well. That is it for now.

If you’re interested in leading from the front or just coming along, feel free to get in touch. My details are here. I’ll be updating with more info within the next week.

Original source – Simon Wilson’s blog

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