I’ve mentioned in other blogs that the Department of Health is changing.

The changes have all been carefully designed of course. But change is hard, so we’re doing some work now to check that we’ve got the digital bits right, and that we’re equipped to do the things that the department needs us to do.

Specifically, we’ll be spending some of this month conducting a review of all the digital functions that fall under the responsibility of our director of communications. That includes things like content design, some product management, digital and community engagement, content and channel management, creative content production, digital policy making, and capability building.

We’ll be trying to answer questions like:

  • What should we actually be aiming to achieve through this work?
  • Are our teams adapted to the particular role and demands of the department?
  • What skills do we need in house? And do we have them?
  • How far should we operate as a digital community or profession?
  • Are we able to attract and retain staff with specialist digital skills?
  • How should we strike the balance between driving innovation, and providing a service?
  • Are we yet a digitally mature organisation?
  • What is the actual impact of all the digital things that we do?

If you’re a reader of this blog, there’s a good chance that you’ll have views on the answers to some of these questions. If you do, please get in touch. I’ll make sure that we share what we find.

Original source – Stephen Hale

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