This is a list of what we’ve been working on since the last update on 13 January 2017, and what we plan to do next. As usual, we’ve divided the work up into lists of what we’ve been doing to keep GOV.UK running, and what we’re doing to make it better.

Running and supporting GOV.UK

To keep GOV.UK accurate, available and secure, to support government publishers and to meet the most pressing needs of end users, we’ve:

  • published the improved version of the Italy information in the getting married abroad tool
  • updated our installation of MapIt to use the latest boundary line and postcode datasets for postcode search on GOV.UK
  • worked with MOJ to make Tax Tribunal finders live
  • completed the final few tickets that relate to the Content Performance Manager Alpha to be used in our user research with content designers

Improving GOV.UK

To improve GOV.UK in relation to the missions on our roadmap, we’ve:

  • made the content conference in March (ConCon5) bigger so that more content designers across government can go – the first round of tickets sold out in less than 3 hours
  • finished migrating the HTML Publications Whitehall format
  • finished work on database integrity and correctness and speeding up queries within the publishing platform
  • helped the Department for Education and agencies tag an impressive 7,500 pieces of their content to the new taxonomy
  • built functionality that will allow us to A/B test new navigation patterns
  • began remote tree testing research to continue the validation of our new taxonomy with 80 users of education content
  • started building a new tool for education publishers that allows them to tag to the new taxonomy from within Whitehall publisher
  • moved creating content functionality from panopticon to publisher
  • prototyped design iterations on short text templates

Things we plan to do next

In the next 2 to 3 weeks we expect to:

  • finish the migration of the Consultations Whitehall formats, and continue work on Publications and World Location News Article formats
  • run a content design meetup in Newport on 9 February, where we’ll talk about style guides, pair writing, critiquing content and what we’re working on
  • start work on improving draft links workflow so that editors can see accurate previews of draft content
  • conduct user research with school governors in London and Manchester using the latest navigation prototype
  • move user needs from Maslow to Publisher and move tagging to needs into content tagger
  • start migrating help pages to the new publishing platform
  • Iterate on our templates, continue to consolidate our frontend applications and benchmark our metrics

Original source – Inside GOV.UK

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