Good digital content I’ve spotted that made me go: Oooh!, Aaah!, OMG, Ha!, I didn’t know that! (part one)

by Dan Slee 

A few weeks back it dawned on me that good digital content falls into five broad categories.

Not only that but if your content doesn’t tick one of those you probably shouldn’t be posting it.

If they fell into more than one, that’d be fine. But it has to be at least one of them.

The categories?  Ooo, aaaah, ha, omg, WTF and I didn’t know that. That’s it. All bases covered.

Here’s some content that caught my eye on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn and Twitter.


A simple idea well executed. A van was seized in connection with fly-tipping. So, the van was crushed. This was filmed on a phone and posted to the Bradford City Council Facebook page. A short clip but seen 5,000 times. The comms message? We don’t tolerate fly-tipping and we will act. Good work Albert Freeman. 



This one has stayed with me for a very long time. A dying woman has her final wish granted. Staff arranged for her bed to be taken outside so she could see her horse on last time. Staff took a picture and shared it with permission of the family. The humanity, the pathos and the dedication bring tears to my eyes two years after I first saw it. It is beautiful. What makes it work? Because it is human. Because it didn’t set out to be communications but it succeeds in showing that NHS staff go the extra mile and care deeply. Spotted: BBC News website here.   


This clip is brilliant. It shows imagination, creativity and a willingness of people to hit themselves over the head with a stunt glass bottle. There is now way this would be made in the UK. But this Eastern European attempt to market lager is certainly jaw-dropping. Spotted: YouTube.


I love the idea that South Cambridgeshire Council had of a digital advent calendar with new content every day all video and less than 30 seconds. I also like the idea of a taxi licensing officer giving advice in a Sean Connery accent. Good work. 


INFORMATION: I didn’t know that!

LinkedIn has grown into a platform that I’m getting a lot out of. Occasionally there are updates from out of my network which have been widely liked and commented on. This one from a telecomms technician is one such. Rather than the YouTube how to guide which does ‘I did not know that’ I’ve gone for this instead. It’s harder to pass on something you didn’t know on LinkedIn. Spotted: LinkedIn here.

Dan Slee is co-founder of comms2point0.

Picture credit: State Library of Queensland.

Original source – comms2point0 free online resource for creative comms people – comms2point0

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