Struggling for present ideas? Not anymore. We’ve spent ages on the internet tracking down some ideas. 

by Dan Slee

Let’s face it there’s nothing worse than getting a rubbish pile of presents. So, here’s some I’ve chosen from an extensive review of the internet.

Enjoy. For you. Or the person in your life.


Leuchturm notebook. A 249-page notebook that fits into your bag beautifully. About £11.

Waterman fountain pen. A good pen About £30. 

Sticky notes. A big pack for creative. £5.


Tubesperation! by Andy Green. Inspired by using dead time on the underground for creative inspiration. You can use the tips on any commute. About £10.

The Filter Bubble: What the Internet Is Hiding From You by Eli Pariser. A book that helps you understand the future challenges that are facing you and your family.

FutureProof: Edition Two edited by Sarah Hall. A cracking round-up of new writing for comms and PR. 

Trust me: PR is Dead by Robert Phillips. When the book came out there was a storm from the industry about the title. But very little about the contents. Post-Trump and Post-Brexit this book is becoming an essential read in understanding what next.

Anarchists in the Boardroom by Liam Barrington-Bush. A couple of years old now but a useful reckoner on understanding how to make the most of the social web in an organisation.

The Shepherd’s Life: A Tale of the Lake District by James Rebanks. Your job is stressful. So you’ll be glad you can escape to this. It emerged from a Twitter account from a shepherd with an iphone.

Scilly Sergeant: Adventures of High Tide and Low Crime by Colin Taylor. The best Facebook page in the UK was the Isles of Scilly Police. When the officer moved to the mainland he published a memoir that is superb escapism.

Mary Berry’s Ultimate Cake Book by Mary Berry. Of course this should be in a comms, PR and digital list. Of course it should. About £15.


A RAV4 Powerbank for when your mobile phone may be struggling for power. £23.

Samsung Gear VR virtual reality headset. This headset works with a high end Samsung phone and is leading the field in VR. About £90.

Samsung Gear 360 camera. A camera capable of shooting 360-degree footage which works with Samsung products. About £300.

Google cardboard. This works with pretty much any smartphone and is a brilliant entry-level device that you can assemble yourself. About £5.

Smartphone projector. A neat device that helps you impress your friends and family by showing films in a traditional style straight from your smartphone. About £20.

Smartphone tripod. Useful for taking pictures, shooting video or selfies. About £5.


If you achieve greatness you’ve hired the right PR firm. A simple message as a t-shirt for £16.

Happiness is being a public relations officer. Not entirely convinced by this, to be honest. But there’s some irony in there. About £8.

Mail order coffee. Three months of coffee posted to you from indie coffee merchants Rinaldo’s who are based in the Lake District. £25.

Headspace app. Three months of meditation through the app. Around £23.

Gloves you can still text and use a touch screen with. Useful when its nippy. About £12.

Dan Slee is co-founder of comms2point0.


Original source – comms2point0 free online resource for creative comms people – comms2point0

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