Hillary is a known quantity…  Hillary Clinton, as she has reminded us through her campaign, has 30 years of political experience she may drag over the finish line into the Executive Office. She is well-known in the offices of prime ministers, chancellors and presidents round the world. Her top team will likely reflect that experience – people who served in her husband’s and predecessor’s administrations, governors, Congress. And while she may sound a bit more reserved nowadays about free trade, she is anchored into the policy mainstream on NATO, on climate change and on the US’s global role. However, one consequence of the primary battle is a shift Left in the Democrats, which means she will be under pressure not to hand plum economic jobs to ex-Wall Streeters. …while her opponent represents a series of unknowable unknowns. ‘The Donald’, as he likes to style himself, is none of the above. Sure he is as well-known as Hillary, but he has chalked up not a single month of political office, and has no track record to run on. It is also very hard to work out who his key advisers will be. His campaign is very much a family affair. Much […]

Original source – Institute for Government

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