anpr-certI was invited to address the National ANPR Conference in York on 22 November about my work to modernise accountability and scrutiny of the vital ANPR system.  As ever when addressing a police conference I was struck by the professionalism, skill and commitment of the people there and the excellent work they do in each force with ANPR to protect the public.  However I came away with the impression that grass roots excellence in practice wasn’t matched by sight of the big picture, particularly  the tricky place ANPR is now in after a decade of weak external oversight and governance as a national system.  The purpose of my talk was to get that across and set out a basic vision for a future ANPR more legally and socially secure.


I got a fair hearing, no one threw any rotten fruit and once again I thank DCC Paul Kennedy for engaging me in this process.  The Information Commissioner’s Office is due to speak too, if their slides appear online I’ll link to them.

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