Things I know about our Facebook community:

  • They care about keeping the district clean
  • They dislike fly-tipping
  • They like us to communicate like the humans that we are
  • They like a joke

At Bradford Council, we are currently trying to encourage more people to report fly-tippers, as opposed to just reporting fly-tipping. So, when a van was recently seized in a fly-tipping investigation, I saw an opportunity to share the story in a way I felt sure would capture people’s interest. I hadn’t anticipated quite how popular this Facebook post would become though, as it smashed all records for our Page.

I took inspiration from some of the great, human public sector social media accounts out there, such as West Yorkshire Police Roads Policing Unit, on Twitter. I used our Facebook post to suggest that the van’s owner should contact us if they would like their van back.

Over the course of three days, this Facebook post was shared 200 times and reached 48,000 people. That’s over 20,000 more than our previous all-time high, and 14 times as many people as our average post reach in the previous month.

More than 2,500 people clicked the link in the post. This led them to a press release that talks about the importance of gathering evidence to bring fly-tippers to justice.

After drafting this Facebook post, I had a moment of doubt, wondering if the tone was appropriate. I needn’t have worried. The lesson here is be bold, and be human.

This blog post was first published on comms2point0.

Original source – Albert Freeman

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