Want some support building brilliant digital products, and the chance to meet some likeminded folk?

by Hannah Hookway

You may already have heard of LocalGov Digital and the Local Government Digital Service Standard…

If you have, great. If not, fear not. Here’s your chance to quickly find out.

What’s interesting about a Local Government Digital Service Standard?

GDS have their Digital Service Standard – a way of objectively measuring whether any new (central government) digital service is up to scratch for the people who will be using it.

LocalGov Digital – a brilliant peer group for ‘digital practitioners in local government’ – wanted this to work better for local government. So they adapted it and have now published the Local Government Digital Service Standard (the LGDSS).


The LGDSS is a 15-point framework to objectively measure if your service/product meets a high standard and is value for money. It’s intended to support digital work in local government, not limit it.

Think this sounds like a good idea? Prove it by signing up to the Standard.

Join our London Peer Group

To help as many councils embrace the LGDSS as possible, Peer Groups are being set up across the country.

City Hall and the London Borough of Camden are heading up the London Peer Group – if you work in digital and local government in London, we’d love you to join!

(If you aren’t a Londoner, there are lots of other peer groups being set up, too. Find out more at LocalGov Digital.)

For now, joining just means that we’ll add you to our list of contacts and invite you to upcoming meet-ups.

Our aims are to:

build up a network of people who can share expertise, experiences, knowledge, mistakes, successes and more

start running meet-ups to help the above happen

help set up some peer-to-peer assessments, based on the Standard

If you’d like to join, please email digital@london.gov.uk and tell us your name, job title and where you work.

Come along to our first meet-up

We’re not giving you much time here, but our first (free) meet-up is on Wednesday 30 November at City Hall.

We’ll be talking about: What does each point on the Standard actually mean and how can you apply it (usefully and quickly) to your work?

Register on Eventbrite.

Hannah Hookway is Digital Content Manager at City Hall

image via Blue Mountains City Library

Original source – comms2point0 free online resource for creative comms people – comms2point0

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